Success Begins Here.

Our achievement starts and ends with your support! Whether you give your time, your custom, or items necessary for our business, we appreciate all you do as a friend to the arts! 

Check with this page often for upcoming volunteer opportunities and current needs to keep our studio running strong!


Wish List
  • Paper Towels

  • Scott 1-ply Toilet Paper

  • Black Lawn & Leaf Trash Bags

  • Cardstock (Any Color!)

  • All-Purpose Printer Paper

  • Black Plastic Hangers

  • Gift Cards to:

    • Amazon​

    • Staples

    • Lowe's/Menards

    • Jo-Ann/Field's

    • Walmart/Meijer/Target

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Our shows do best with many hands involved! Volunteer to be a part of a crew, assist with administrative and operating projects, or help spread the news about TrueJEM Productions!

Paint * Concessions * Building  
Costumes * Props * Tickets * Decor
Copies * Perform * Accompany
Stage Manage * Technical Crew
Usher * Studio Maintenance